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Most trees will continue to stretch out and take up as much space as they're given. Is your yard starting to look like a jungle? Get professional tree trimming and removal service in the Henrico & Richmond, VA area.

The Green Elites Landscaping, LLC has a dedicated team with over 20 years of experience in tree removal services. We will remove all types of trees-even in the most hard-to-reach spaces. Trust a local team of experts with your satisfaction as their number one priority.

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Why is tree trimming so important?

Why is tree trimming so important?

Tree trimming is tremendously important for your safety and the continued health of your lawn. Use our services for:

  • Removal of damaged and diseased tree limbs
  • Increased flow of air through the tree canopy
  • Excavation of roots after tree removal
  • Improved fruit size and quantity
  • Boosted grass and plant growth underneath
  • Decreased chance of dangerous falling branches

Own a beautiful, well-manicured lawn while also protecting your home from dangerous falling trees and branches. Contact us today to learn more about our tree trimming services in Henrico & Richmond, VA.